Staffing services for employers

Cooperation with Workafford brings you many benefits that are worth exploring. We offer comprehensive services related to hiring employees for companies from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and other Western European countries who are interested in our services.

What do we offer?

We guarantee professional recruitment of employees and offer convenient leasing on attractive terms. We find the right people to work for a given position and make every effort to present you with the best candidate.

Furthermore, we have been on the market for many years and have gained expert experience in the encouragement, recruitment and employment of workers from countries such as Ukraine or Belarus.

Using our services will save you time and grow your business faster. All the candidates proposed by us are the best as we verify the qualifications and level of knowledge of foreign languages of each candidate meticulously.

Increase the efficiency of your company through employee leasing

Our team consists of professional recruiters possessing many years of experience to ensure effective recruitment through employee leasing. It is the solution gaining constant with increased popularity and being chosen by many employers. This also enables the companies to eliminate the HR departments and independently deal with the subsequent handling of all HR and payroll matters. At Workafford, we take all these responsibilities and the employer only pays the agreed fee.

Efficient recruitment

It is also worth adding that we use only modern information technologies due to which recruitment processes at Workafford are fast, efficient, and effective. We connect with candidates from various industries, including warehousing men, builders, manual workers, upholsters, mechanics, as well as various types of specialists.

Work for everyone

We can also provide you with inexperienced people who are just beginning their career path but are distinguished by their timeliness, honesty, diligence, and great commitment to their skills. A good worker is a person, who simply wants to give the best they have to offer.

Individual approach

Besides, we approach recruitment of every employee exclusively, so we can use strategies that perfectly match the needs and expectations of their new employer.

Accurate verification

We carry out a thorough verification of candidates applying for a specific job and then delegate them to work in the indicated enterprise. Therefore, the  employer can be sure that we are going to give you the best suited employee for the job in discussion.

Employee leasing -  the future of the labor market

Employee leasing, run by our employment agency is a very beneficial solution for employers. It is a way of employing workers by hiring them to specific enterprises. Their work time and tasks are strictly determined, of course, after agreeing on the specific details with you.


We find

You will only be required to send us information about the demand for a given job and all information related to it, and we will find the perfect candidate.


and service

Besides, all responsibilities related to employment will lie on us, such as administration and HR services, including payment of wages, contributions, and work time settlement.


and you save!

It is a very convenient form of employment for all employers, especially when looking for workers on a temporary basis, e.g. seasonal work or implementation of a specific project.

Employee leasing, due to flexibility it provides, is becoming more and more popular over time. Try it in your company and you won’t be disappointed!

As a note – unfortunately this type of contract is not available to companies based in Great Britain. Please see the standard recruitment option below.

Employee recruitment

Increase the efficiency of your company!


Our team consists of experienced recruiters who, thanks to many years of experience and with the help of specialized tools, ensure effective recruitment of employees.


We use only modern information technologies due to which recruitment processes are carried out quickly, efficiently and effectively.


We have contact with candidates from various industries, including warehousemen, builders, manual workers, upholsterers, mechanics, as well as various types of specialists.


We can find you both established specialists and inexperienced workers looking to find a job in any field.


We approach each recruitment process individually by using strategies ideally suited to your needs and expectations as an employer.


We carry out thorough verification of candidates applying for a specific job. You can be sure the candidates we provide you are well prepared for the job.

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