Agricultural workers for hire

At Workafford, we help you find the best candidates to work at your agriculture business.

About agriculture

In this industry, employers can find both people with relevant experience and education, as well as people who are looking for a seasonal job and have a lot of willingness and commitment.

Very often, employers looking for candidates for work in agriculture to offer a temporary contract, which is desirable for people who want to gain experience abroad, while gaining additional earnings. That’s why we offer to lease workers.

Work in agriculture - what does it look like?

We understand, that agricultural work may differ depending on your needs. Do you simply need some additional hands to work hard at your fields? We have them. Do you need someone who knows the language and can help communicate with other workers from abroad? We can find them. Just tell us your expectations.

Employment perspective

We will arrange all necessary formalities for you and we will facilitate the recruitment of new employees as much as possible. Work in agriculture is characterized by high seasonality, hence at certain times of the year (mainly May – November) we can increase the number of people you need.

The largest increase in demand can be seen in producers of strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and mushrooms.

The nature of employment

If you are ever in need of more reliable workers at your business – just remember we are here to help you find them!

Employment with the help of Workafford

At Workafford, we help you find employees who are interested in working abroad in agriculture. You can use our assistance in managing the interviews and selecting the best candidates for work, as well as decide on an increasingly popular form of employment, i.e. employee leasing.

In this case, the employer is not worried about any additional formalities that he must complete. If the employer uses the leasing option, all matters related to the candidate’s employment, calculation of remuneration and taxation are dealt with on Workafford’s side.

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