Privacy policy

I. General information

  1. FB Invest Group SC Maciej Bernat, Grzegorz Bernat with its registered office in Wolności 9/24, 63-200 Jarocin, NIP: PL6172204252, REGON: 302525772, – the owner and administrator of the website located in the following domain: (hereinafter: Website), respects the right of the users of the Website services (hereinafter: Client) to protect their privacy.
  2. FB Invest Group SC makes every effort to process and protect the personal data of the Clients in a way that prevents access to such data by unauthorized persons, as well as against unauthorized use of the aforementioned data. It further ensures the security of the use of the services.
  3. In doing so, FB Invest Group SC uses technical means and solutions to prevent the interference of  any unauthorized third parties in the privacy of the Clients.
  4. This document defines the scope and rules for collecting and processing information about the Clients, including their personal data.

II. FB Invest Group SC collects and uses the following information and data about the clients:

  1. Personal data of the clients:

FB Invest Group SC, by operating the Website and providing services through it (hereinafter: “Services”) referred to in the Terms of Use (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”), collects and processes data concerning clients, including personal data of clients who are natural persons, to the extent and for the purpose necessary to provide certain Services indicated on the Website pages. In accordance with the nature of the Services requiring the provision of personal data by the client and the method of their settlement (to the extent that they are chargeable), it may be necessary for the client to provide the following data in particular:

  1. the Client’s surname and forenames;
  2. NIP number;
  3. Address of residence or stay;
  4. Address for correspondence, if different from the address of residence or stay;
  5. E-mail address;
  6. Telephone number;
  7. Date of birth.

The provision of personal data is voluntary, however, it may be necessary to use the Services, including registration on the Website and creation of an account by the Client (when required by these Terms and Conditions), as well as to place orders for the Services by the Client.

  1. Cookies

FB Invest Group SC may use the mechanism of “cookies” when a user (Client) visits the Website. The “cookies” files that can be used on the Website are associated only with the browser of a given computer (the user is anonymous), without providing the user’s name. This is the information stored by the FB Invest Group SC server on the user’s computer, which the FB Invest Group SC server can read each time it connects to the user’s computer. Cookies provide statistical data on user traffic and use of individual pages of the Service.

FB Invest Group SC may also place cookies in order to monitor the movement of Users within the Website, as well as between the Website and other websites cooperating with FB Invest Group SC. The User may at any time choose how to handle “cookies” in the Website by replacing the automatic handling of “cookies” with individual handling (user settings). For more detailed information in this respect, please contact the providers of programs for the operation of the Internet zone (browsers), usually in the “Internet options” tab or similar. Each user can disable the “cookies” mechanism in the web browser of their terminal device. However, disabling the option for the user to accept cookies in their browser (blocking, monitoring) may make it difficult or even impossible to use some of the Services provided by FB Invest Group SC. At the same time, FB Invest Group SC does not take any responsibility for the use or handling of cookies on other websites accessible to users through links on the Website.

III. Security of personal data

  1. All personal data collected from the Clients are sent to the system using a secure SSL protocol encrypted with a 128-bit key.
  2. All information about the Clients stored on the FB Invest Group SC server is protected against unauthorized access. The only people authorized to access and process this data are employees or associates properly trained by the owner of the Website.

IV. Information about the rules of sharing personal data of the Clients with other entities

  1. FB Invest Group SC collects the data of the Clients primarily for the purpose of providing the Services. However, it reserves the right to provide data to its partners who wish to offer additional products to Clients, but in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, i.e. after consenting to the transfer of personal data to these entities and receipt of advertising materials from them by the Client.
  2. Sending of advertising and marketing materials by third parties, as well as commercial information by electronic means, is always subject to the prior consent of the Client, which can be revoked. Each Client also has the right to opt out of receiving e-mails sent by FB Invest Group SC.

V. The right of access to the content of the Client’s personal data, correcting and deleting them.

  1. After logging in, the “Your account” page is available on the Website, through which the Client registered on the Website has the right to access and correct their data, as well as the right to demand that their processing be discontinued and deleted from the collection maintained by FB Invest Group SC. Removal of information about the Client from the database, however, while maintaining accounting records in accordance with the accounting regulations of Polish law, and subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, is possible after sending an e-mail to the e-mail address specified in part I, section 1, or via the “Write to us” site.
  1. FB Invest Group SC may refuse to delete the Client’s personal data, in particular, if the Client has not paid all amounts due to FB Invest Group SC for the provision of Paid Services to the Client or if the Client has violated applicable laws and the retention of personal data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and establish the Client’s liability.
  2. Client’s data may be made available to entities entitled to receive them under applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. With the consent of the Client required by applicable law, the data may also be shared with other entities.

VI. Additional Information:

  1. FB Invest Group SC places links on the pages of its services that allow the Client to directly go to other websites. This Privacy Policy does not cover websites operated by other entities, independent of FB Invest Group SC.
  1. FB Invest Group SC may store e-mails and other correspondence addressed to the Customer in order to be able to answer questions, respond to requests, and improve the Services. The Client’s e-mail address may be used to contact the Client about the Services.

VII. Change of Privacy Policy

FB Invest Group SC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy is applicable to the Clients available on the Website.

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