Heavy industry jobs

Through Workafford, you can find workers in the heavy industry.

About heavy industry

This is by far the most popular sector with wide opportunities, in which there are many candidates waiting to be hired.

Heavy industry is run and maintained by reliable and experienced specialists, who can be trusted with demanding tasks. It’s often difficult to find someone reliable – but that’s why you have us! If you are an employer from Western countries, then contact us and we will provide you with workers, who always focus on getting the job done.

Are you ready to take up employee from abroad? Then check our offer today!

There are many things we expect from every candidate who plans to apply for a position in the heavy industry sector. The most important traits for us are independence, commitment, analytical thinking, as well as willingness to expand their skills and knowledge in a given field.

In many cases, we aspire future employees to know a foreign language at a basic level, which will open many more opportunities, e.g. when working on international projects.

However, we also have our own set of requirements for employers. They need to be fair and provide their workers with high-quality standards in terms of wage, working conditions, etc. We want to provide high-quality services for both employees and employers.

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