Benefits of employee leasing

If your company has the optimum number of in-house employees, but there is a need for a specific skill, you can consider employee leasing. Whether your company produces truck parts or prints posters, sometimes there is a need for an extra worker. Employee leasing can be a great solution that doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Employee leasing saves time and money because your company doesn’t have to create an HR department.

What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing is often used by business owners looking for additional employees, such as during the season of increased production or harvest. Such an employee is paid by the employee leasing agency that represents him. Your company deals directly with the agency and not with the employee. Therefore, it is up to the agency to pay the salary of such a worker and take care of the paperwork. Leasing may cover just one highly qualified person or it may extend to as many as a team of people.

Legal concerns

To take advantage of employee leasing, several conditions must be met. It is necessary to sign an agreement concluded between two employers (in the event of cooperation with Workafford, such a contract is concluded between the employer and our agency). In such an agreement, all rules and details about work should be specified, such as the type of work, the position, the duration of the leave, and remuneration. All rules should be clear for successful cooperation between employer and employee or a team of employees.


Leasing is very beneficial for companies looking for employees on a temporary basis. You do not need to be associated with the employee permanently. What is more, our employee leasing agency will handle all formalities for you. It’s only necessary to pay the appropriate fee for “loaning” the employee. In conjunction with our partnership with experienced lawyers, our agency can offer full support in tax and employment law of your country and formal issues related to employee leasing. Owing to this, each stage of cooperation is completely safe and, above all, legal for both sides.

Why Workafford?

We have been in the industry for years and we follow changes in legal regulations regarding labor law. We’re flexible, so we can respond to all your needs, regardless of the form of preferred employment or the number of employees.

Why is employee leasing better for all the parties involved?

The apparent advantage of employee leasing is flexibility. You can get new employees in a short time and then return to your daily duties as fast as possible. Here are some other benefits:

< class="smallh">Fast

Employee leasing allows you to meet your project deadlines and manage exceptional requests, in turn increasing your income.

< class="smallh">Useful

Temporary workers can lighten your staff’s workload

< class="smallh">Qualified

They can do specialized work

< class="smallh">Minimal formalities

Since the agency is the actual employer, you don’t necessarily have to increase your workforce to hire more workers.

< class="smallh">Flexible

If the temporary worker’s performance impresses you, you can offer him a permanent position by negotiating with the agency that represents him.

Employee leasing has numerous benefits for employers. Such a solution can significantly reduce the fixed labor costs. Such an HR arrangement corresponds to the current company’s needs and is useful when the intensity of work changes. Employee leasing also makes it possible to quickly fill the gap when regular employee/employees are absent. However, it should be taken into account that leasing also involves a high employee turnover, which may affect interpersonal relationships, but also the level of work performed by the hired people. Also, employee leasing is a good solution for people, who are at the beginning of their professional career, are mobile, and willing to gain new experiences. It is also an excellent opportunity for high-class specialists who want to develop their skills and work on many different projects.

Employee leasing in practice

These days, numerous employment agencies, such as Workafford, deal with employee leasing.  Such a solution can be extremely profitable for business owners, and it guarantees many advantages. Why?

Firstly, the employer who wants to take advantage of employee leasing doesn’t have to sign a contract directly with the employee. A specialized employment agency manages all complicated formalities. Thus, entering the relationship with an employee, calculating remuneration, paying taxes, or training is handled by an agency.

Secondly, such agencies also deal with the recruitment process and selecting the best candidates for a given job. Therefore, the employer can be sure that his new employees will be experienced and well trained.

Finally, the employer does not have to create a separate unit for recruiting appropriate people and thus waste valuable time on the recruitment process.

When to use the employee leasing services?

Over the time, the role of temporary workers has expanded. At first, they usually held low-paid professions, such as diverse assistants. However, there are also temporary workers in accounting, marketing, and other demanding jobs.

Are you wondering when the use of employee leasing is appropriate for you? It could be to replace one of your employees, who suddenly becomes ill for a week or two. Or when a key customer gets ahead of the deadline for a big project, you don’t have the staff to deliver. The temporary worker is also very useful when an employee leaves you at a short notice, is on vacation when a job needs to be done, etc.

Qualified and trained profiles in the company's professions

Employee leasing agencies have a large network of recruiters, capable of finding trained employees. Also, such agencies can select candidates from the bank of candidates who have worked with them before. This allows them to delegate tested and reliable candidates to work as soon as possible. This can significantly save the time of the business owner seeking for a temporary worker.

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