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SNA stands for Stichting Normering Arbeid and confirms that Workafford employees can work in the Netherlands. If you want to know more, click here.

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    Workafford in numbers


    More than 2500 employees found employment through Workafford during the year.


    Since the beginning of 2013, our agency has serviced over 1,000 employers.


    Employers cooperating with our agency can choose employees from the active pool of 500 candidates.


    We currently serve over 200 companies at the Workafford recruitment agency.

    Workafford - recruitment agency. Find your employee with us!

    Workafford is a recruitment and staffing agency. We offer innovative workforce solutions to people looking for employment as well as to enterprises seeking to engage qualified and experienced specialists and executives.

    The scope of Workafford mainly covers employers in Western European countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as workers from Eastern Europe, mainly Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia. We connect employers with prospective candidates and provide full assistance at every stage of the employment process.

    Why WorkAfford?

    We try to offer the best conditions to both parties cooperating with us, making us one of the most recommended employment agencies abroad. If you are an employer, then you can be sure that our main aim is to provide you with the best match aspirant you can find in the market. Customer satisfaction is our ambition as well as objective.

    Why do people decide to hire workers from abroad?
    Why do people decide to hire workers from abroad?

    Knowing the workers well is the key to being a successful employer. Ever thought ‘Why should I employ people from abroad’? Workforce from the East is highly motivated and versatile..

    There is no denying that most of these workers (as we know from our own experience), are very well qualified people, often with specialization in hard fields. They are easily able to cover these fields in countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany, where employees are sought for the most demanding specializations. Furthermore, due to increased salaries in western countries they tend to be very loyal and appreciative towards their employer.

    Opportunities for development and following a career path
    Opportunities for development and following a career path

    Many people choose a specific career path. Unfortunately, this path will not provide them with high paid jobs in their homeland.

    We offer you people, who have a specific profession, e.g. upholster. For such people, traveling abroad for work is very often the only way to increase their income as well as to gain even more knowledge and abilities in the field, which they had chosen during their education. This is why, if you pick such an employee then you can be sure that he or she is going to stay in your company in order to develop his skills.

    Is it profitable to hire employees from abroad?

    Employees from the Eastern Europe are one of the most loyal and trustworthy. What does this mean for employers?

    They exhibit excellent employee commitment and high quality of services are provided by them. It is also of great importance that employees from countries with a lower standard of living know what a real hard demanding job is. Hence, they will appreciate better working conditions, higher wages and various other benefits provided by the Western job market.

    The main reasons for these employees from Poland, Belarus or Ukraine are deciding to move abroad include elevated standard of living, which could overall improve their well-being and also of their families back home.

    What is the role of Workafford?


    At Workafford we connect two worlds – employers from high-ranking Western Europe (the Netherlands, Germany or the United Kingdom and others that are able to guarantee high income and good working conditions for employees) and job-seekers from Eastern Europe (Ukraine or Belarus and other Eastern European countries).


    The biggest edge we have above other recruiters is that we possess a perfect understanding of the labor market, the needs of the employer as well as employees. Owing to this, the market has no secrets for us and we are able to help in every situation with utmost empathy, regardless of you being the employer or employee.

    We select employees and deal with all formalities

    At Workafford, we deal with the entire exercise of finding the most suitable candidate. We offer a precise selection based on the information received, e.g. a CV, and in some cases a cover letter, after which we conduct a detailed interview with the candidate. After passing this stage, the candidate will be presented to the employer as our recommendation, after which he or she can be employed (or leased). The benefits for the employer are therefore, very large. These include:

    • no need to have a dedicated HR team in a given company,
    • quick recruitment process,
    • final talks only with promising candidates,
    • full help of our team during searching and hiring,
    • the ability to lease employees.

    Forms of employment at Workafford

    At Workafford, we enable two forms of employment, both being of great interest to entrepreneurs.


    The employee’s most convenient form of employment is leasing. In this case, the employee is employed in our company and we perform all formalities related to his insurance or payment of taxes due. The recruitment process is quite similar to the classic one with one main difference – the employee will be employed at Workafford, and the employer will only have to pay a specific fee. All the formalities rest on our shoulders and the employer does not have to use the processing capacity to separate the HR department or keep employee books and other formal issues. However, it should be noted that employee leasing is not available in Great Britain – standard employment is required.

    Standard hiring

    Employing candidates directly in your company. The recruitment process is then very simple, namely we select a given employee based on the applications received, and then check the qualifications during a personal visit. We do it in order to save your time as an employer.

    Thanks to this you will be sure, that candidates we are sending to you, are among the best. After successful recruitment, the employee is posted to the employer, where he signs the contract. The great advantage of this type of employment is the fact that the employee is chosen by our company, while the employer only has to sign the contract and complete other formalities. Hence, we save your time.

    Standard employment is only available to companies from Great Britain and Ireland. Additionally, we only hire workers from European Union that way, which makes the legal process of working in your country much easier.

    If you’re looking for employees in other countries, be sure to read about our leasing options!

    In what industries are we recruiting?

    At Workafford, we can find you employees from various industries, thus, everyone will find something suiting their needs. We have a large variety of candidates – both expierienced specialists and people new to your industry, looking to find their first jobs. You, as an employer, will decide who is better for the job you have.

    Manual work

    The construction industry, gardening and agriculture, manual work – these are some of the most common jobs that candidates are looking for. Both people with little experience and specialist employees with documented knowledge can be found in the job market.

    Automotive mechanics

    Automotive mechanics is now on the rise, as the number of cars is increasing every year, especially in developed countries of Western Europe. It’s natural that a lot of specialists from other countries are seeing this as an opportunity to find better jobs. We can find such workers for you.


    Warehousing is another career path that has a direct relationship with the growing society of Western countries. Large communication hubs of the largest international forwarders or hundreds of huge clothing, food and cosmetics warehouses always need employees with or without qualifications for work. We can make that search easier for you – let us take care of their recruitment.

    Heavy industry

    Factories always need the right number of employees to maintain their daily production levels. Similarly with food processing. If you’re looking for additional workers, you’re in the right place.

    We, at WorkAfford, can quickly provide you with employees from every sector of the most popular economic fields listed above. But even if you are offering employment from a different industry, be sure to contact us. Due to extensive expertise and flexibility, we can find the right candidate for virtually any job position.

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