Physical workers from abroad

One of the most valued jobs on the market is still the so-called manual labor. There are plenty of people willing to work – and we make sure you only get the best ones.

About physical work

Preferebly, workers in a position of this nature are reliable and relatively young, with ambition to improve themselves further. Those are the people we can find you.

We will provide you with loyal, motivated and hard-working employees. Are you looking for someone short-term, or maybe you need to fill a stable position? We can help with both.

What characterizes physical work?

Being one of the most developing and stable markets, physical labor related jobs is in constant search for new workers. Often companies don’t have time to manage that on their own – that’s why we are here to help you.

Career prospects

There are thousands of ongoing construction investments looking for reliable workers. Is your company running one of them? Then let us know!

The right employees

Physical work does not only mean construction work, but it can also be the work of a warehousing man, work in the forwarding node of a courier company, or manufacturing plants. Whoever you need for such a position – we have them waiting for you.

Choose Workafford as a worker supplier!

In Workafford, you will find (among many different workers to pick) the best people around. If you are an employer from Western Europe in this type of business, then you should most definitely contact us.

Keep in mind, that they are all selected by our specialists, who assess them based on many different parameters such as experience, abilities, and attitude towards the work. We carry out the recruitment process and try to ensure that the offer meets all the expectations of those interested.

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