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Services is an industry that needs an influx of new employees every year. We can find you these employees from abroad.

About services

If you are looking for a waiter, chef or cleaning service employee, very often the best and most beneficial solution will be to hire foreigners.

Employment in the hotel or catering industry is a tempting option for both the employer and potential employees from Eastern Europe.

Work in services - cleaning, gastronomy, hotel industry

Entrepreneurs largely decide to increase employment in their hotels and catering and leisure facilities in the summer. Therefore, they employ additional waiters, chefs, cleaners in hotels and guesthouses, caring for cleanliness in the facility.

We are here to help them with all the formalities – both finding the right candidate and later managing his taxes and other obligations (if the employer decides on the leasing them).

Employment perspective

Employers are not always looking for people with high qualifications or experience to take up seasonal work in services. Very often we are looking for employees with little experience or just starting a career.

Workafford helps on every recruitment process – creating an offer, checking applications, interviewing candidates and completing all formalities.

The nature of employment

Seasonal work in services is a good solution for people who are looking for additional earnings and at the same time want to develop their skills and improve their language. Additionally, people who think about leaving the country and living, e.g. in Germany, Belgium or Great Britain, can also take advantage of the permanent employment offer in services.

Hiring an employee from abroad - it's easy!

If you are an employer looking for employees with experience (even a small one), we will look for suitable people who have already worked in your industry for at least a short time.

We will also help you find completely inexperienced people who are looking for seasonal work in your country. It will be a way for them to earn more money than in their homeland and to improve their language.

Our employment agency Workafford will take care of all formalities. We also offer a very convenient form of employment – employee leasing. It is a modern form of employment that allows you to simplify the entire recruitment process.

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