Warehouse staffing agency

The dynamic economies of the western countries are in constant need of more workers. We are here to help you find them.

About warehouse staff

You need reliable and hard-working people – and we know exactly where to find them.

Employment requires many specific traits from a potential warehousing man, among the most important ones, care and responsibility for stored items, commitment to the proper performance of duties as well as appropriate focus and organizational skills. We make sure that our candidates satisfy all of those conditions.

Why picking a warehouse worker from the East is a good choice?

Candidate expectations

Usually, warehouse work is relatively simple, which is why it is chosen by people looking for well-paid positions in the warehouse halls. Such employees must perform the work of loading and unloading, transporting items and articles inside the hall, as well as counting or wrapping the products concerned.

Obligations, however, vary from company to company and if you are looking for someone with very specific skill set – we can provide.

The right employees

We can find you both physical workers and specialists such as forklift operators, that will make sure your warehouse runs smoothly. To operate forklifts it is required to have special licenses and certificates – and we make sure that, if required, our candidates will have them. Such devices are mainly required for unloading and loading large items that cannot be loaded manually, even by several people at the same time.

Workers from the East are heavily motivated and loyal to their employers. This is why you should consider hiring them.

This is why, so many people from the Eastern bloc decide, to seek such type of employment in the Western Europe. Here they will be provided with higher standards, better wage and in general, they will be treated better by their employers. In return, they give the high level of commitment, as well as, profitable set of skills. This is why you should consider hiring them.

Look for a worker with Workafford

Workafford deals with job searches for employees from Eastern European countries in Western countries. People who are looking for better wage and development opportunities.

We always choose the best offers that will meet the expectations of most interested people, and at the same time, we deal with the recruitment process and take care of the contact between the employee and employer.

Take advantage of our enriched offer and find a worker that will match all your requirements. In our company, you will find the employee virtually immediately. We invite you to contact our specialists by phone or e-mail.

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